Week of Nov 20, 2011


The church office will be closed Nov 24 & 25

Mitch Conner will preach in the morning service Sunday, Nov 27.  Immediately following, a vote by secret ballot will be held concerning the Moving Forward Plan.  Absentee ballots available upon request, and must be signed to be counted. 

Planning Committee Meeting:  4:00 pm, Nov 27

GCBC GA’s will be in the Christmas Parade Nov 28!  If you like to help decorate the float on the 27th, see Sheilah Smith or Lindsay Clay.

Worship Teams Christmas Party will be at the Market Diner Dec 2.

GCBC Women’s Ministry:  Another Broken Egg – Leave around 8 am, Dec 3.

Deacon’s Meeting:  Dec 4, 7:30 am

Victorian Christmas Downtown:  GCBC Choir caroling – Dec 8 & 9

Youth Christmas Party Progressive Dinner:  Dec 10

Flowers in the sanctuary were given by Bud, Jay, and Mark Adkins in memory of Marsha and Sim Adkins.

Nursery Volunteers:

This week (11/20):  Beverly Clay, Rebecca Kent, Harry and Ann Plymel

Next week (11/27):  Cali Hicks, Jeanne Baggett, Patti, Jonathan & Jackson Kinsey

Sunday Report:

Budget Needs to Date:……$ 56,751.86

Receipts to Date:…….…….$ 55,176.15

Deficit:……….…………….(-$) 1,575.71

Please email any new church announcements to PJ Holder at gcbc@rose.net or call the church office at 225-1154.

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