Week of Nov 13, 2011

Operation Christmas Child Boxes:  Please bring packed boxes to the church no later than November 16!

GCBC Women’s Meeting:  November 17, 6:30 pm.  Helping the GA’s pack shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  Please bring packed boxes or items to pack in boxes.

GCBC Women’s Ministry:  November 19, will be delivering fruit bags to the shut-ins. 

Planning Committee Meeting:  4:00 pm, November 27.

Youth Christmas Party:  Progressive Dinner, December 10.  If you would like to host the youth for a portion of their meal, see Ricky Holder or a member of the Youth Committee.

ACTORS NEEDED!!!  If you would like to participate in the Christmas Musical in a non-singing way, please see PJ Holder, ASAP!  We will also need help getting the stage ready!

Flowers in the sanctuary are given by F.C. and Anne Ring in honor of their 49th wedding anniversary.

Nursery Volunteers:

  • This week (11/13):  Rhonda Grim, Connie Brogdon, Tony and Mandy Fletcher
  • Next week (11/20):  Beverly Clay, Rebecca Kent, Harry and Ann Plymel

Financial Report:

  • Budget Needs to Date:……$ 51,592.60
  • Receipts to Date:…………….$ 48,695.06
  • Deficit:…………………………(-$) 2,897.54

Please email any new church announcements to PJ Holder at gcbc@rose.net or call the church office at 225-1154.

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