Order of Service – Sunday April 19, 2009

Order of Service:


Morning Worship 8:30 A.M.


Call to Worship                                You Are Holy (Prince of Peace)


Invocation                                        Sam Harnevious




Songs of Praise                                How Great Thou Art

                                                               Before the Throne of God

                                                               Special Music:  Selena Neumann


Message                                              Forgiveness:  The Relationship Factor

                                                               Dr. Don Prevatt

                                                               Matthew 18:21-35


Hymn of Invitation                       How Great Thou Art


Offering                                              Beautiful Jesus  




Morning Worship 11:00 A.M.


Call to Worship                              You Are Holy (Prince of Peace)


Invocation                                      Ricky Duncan


Welcome and Announcements


Song of Praise                               How Great Thou Art


Children’s Sermon


Hymn of Praise                            Before the Throne of God


Offertory                                        Beautiful Jesus


Message                                          Forgiveness:  The Relationship Factor

                                                           Dr. Don Prevatt

                                                           Matthew 18:21-35 


Hymn of Invitation                   How Great Thou Art




*The children will leave for Children’s Church after the Offertory. Children’s Church is available to children age 4 years as of 9/1/08 through 2nd grade.

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