Week of Feb 26, 2012

Planning Committee Meeting:  Feb 26 at 4:00 pm

Associational Senior Adult Luncheon:  March 1, 11:30 am.  Hosted by GCBC.  Volunteers needed to provide desserts.  If you would like to help in this area please see Mrs. Anne Ring.

Week of Prayer for the North American Mission Board:  March 4 – 10.

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for the North American Mission Board, begins next Sunday.  Be in prayer as to how you will participate.

Walk for Life, Benefiting the Pregnancy Center of South Georgia:  March 24.  For more information about registration please see PJ Holder.

Revival:  March 24 – 28.  Be in prayer for this important time of spiritual renewal and growth in our church.

There is still time to receive the newsletter by mail! Please contact PJ Holder if you would like to be mailed a copy. All others will be e-mailed to those who have registered on Stratus.

Flowers in the sanctuary are given by Geraldine and Elster Bevins in honor of their 16th Wedding Anniversary.

Nursery Volunteers:

This week (Feb 26):  Jackie Horton, Lauren Skinner, Richie and Jennifer Marsh

Next week (Mar 4):  Jason and Kelli Lane, Jenna Coffee and Chris Waters

Sunday Report:

Budget Needs to Date:……$ 128,981.50

Receipts to Date:…………….$ 127,382.28

Deficit:…………………………(-$) 1,599.22

Please email any new church announcements to PJ Holder at gcbc@rose.net or call the church office at 225-1154.

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