An Open Letter to the Congregation of Gatlin Creek Baptist Church

An Open Letter to the Congregation of Gatlin Creek Baptist Church

Wow!  What a night.  What a meeting.  What I saw last Wednesday night was truly Baptist polity (our form of congregational government) at its best.  I believe in Baptist polity.  It is the very best way to operate a church even though it sometimes causes long and boisterous meetings.
Wednesday night we heard of God’s work among us through the various reports.  We saw freedom of speech in its purest from.  Corrections were made to Minutes.  Clarifications were given when requested.  We saw amendments added to recommendations.  We received unsolicited sermons from the floor.  Every one had the opportunity to speak his/her mind. Every one had the privilege of expresses their conscience through their vote.  That’s the Baptist way.

All ten (10) recommendations passed by the 2/3 majority required by our Constitution and By-Laws.  Now the harder task of fulfilling Jesus’ prayer begins—“that we might be one (John 17:21).”  I do believe the best days of our church are before us.  But it will take the whole church working together to fulfill our mission.  I’m committed to do what ever it takes to make it work.  I trust you are as well.

I love you.  It is my joy to serve you.

– Don

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