I hope you have read the book that the church has offered in the vestibule; Faith, Given Once. by Chuck Colson.

I believe that many of the precepts discussed within those pages need to be much more widely disseminated to the Christians in America today.   I believe we would do well to spend more time learning about the Faith, its history and impact, how denominations can work together, and how we need to engage our culture and change our world, for God and for good!

To this end, we are going to offer the study as a discipleship training course within the next few months. Please consider whether you should participate, watch out for the dates and times as this is formed.  Also, I would highly recommend the book, Colson has proven himself to be an innovative voice within the culture war Arena. His well-known journey has led him from power to prison in his miraculous deliverance.  His ministry to some of the darkest corners of the Universe has earned him a great deal of credibility, and his gifted insights are well and logically presented in a way that can and should change the way all of us engage our community for Christ.

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